Surprise! Spider-Man makes Charlotte boy’s day at Novant Health


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It’s not every day Spider Man makes an appearance. For one young boy recovering in the hospital, the surprise visit made his day and brought tears to his mother’s eyes. 

By day, he’s a photographer for FOX 46 Charlotte, but once his work is done, his work as Spider-Man begins. On Monday, he put on his red suit to visit Hemby Children’s Hospital after hearing a little boy had just had surgery.

Our very own Diana Alvear brought her son, Sebbe, to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center this week to have his adenoids and “ginormous tonsils” removed. 

To his shock and delight, Spider-Man came to his hospital bed. 

“He woke up like Wolverine and ripped out his IV and oxygen monitor. Three shots of morphine finally calmed him down,” Alvear shared on social media. 

FOX 46 Photojournalist Tyler Suggs made the surprise visit to little Sebbe. Together, they drew spider webs, played with toys and walked the halls of the hospital to greet other families. Tyler’s superpower is his big heart.

“When your son has sugery and Spider Man shows up to save the day. I work with a real life superhero,” Alvear wrote. “Tyler, you made him so happy and my heart is so full.” 

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