Students demand better safety plan at School Safety Town Hall


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — An eye opening town hall Tuesday night in Charlotte showed the obstacles CMS and CMPD are facing in improving school safety.

Police Chief Kerr Putney and CMS leaders say that all school staff will receive additional active shooter training this summer, which includes teacher.

As for visible changes, that could take some time, unless more funding is made available.

Tuesday night’s town hall was packed with parents and students. Myers Park Senior Maddie Syfert sat in on the town hall, telling leaders many students don’t feel safe.

“So if someone does come in here with a  gun, should I go away from the window or the door? Which one is safer? Which one is going to break both the bullets? Is that plexiglass? That’s the stuff going through my head,” said Syfert.

CMS promised Tuesday night changes will be made to keep students safe in the classroom. Changes include better locking systems, more security cameras and more school resource officers.

Chief Kerr Putney has been working with the CMS superintendent for months on a new safety plan.

Chief Putney believes everyone who enters a school should be screened.

“I always think we need to invest in things that make our kids safe. I am going to leave that to the superintendent. He and I have been lock step in talking the whole time and I wish him well and I hope we can move something forward,” said Chief Putney.

The CMS Superintendent is expected to dive into more specifics during his budget presentation Wednesday night. Students like Maddie Syfert say they will be paying close attention.

“On a local level I want CMS to get involved. I want to see them take action instead of just having meetings. That’s a good step but I wanna see things really happening,” said Syfert.

CMS leaders say they plan to add a suggestion box to an online website so parents, teachers and students can submit their own safety suggestions.

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