Stranger pays for woman’s groceries after losing her card


Photo courtesy of Tracey Horton 

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — While waiting in line to pay for groceries at a Harris Teeter supermarket in Charlotte on Morrison Blvd., a local woman says a complete stranger came to the rescue after she ran into a bit of trouble while trying to pay.

The woman, Tracey Horton, who was trying to pay for her items at the checkout, realized her card was no where to be found. 

‘As I went to pay I realized my credit card was missing from my pocket. I explained to the cashier I must have dropped it in the store so I asked him to please place my items aside, that I would come back. So, I turned around and excused myself through the line behind me,” Horton wrote on social media. 

Horton searched for her card throughout the grocery store but had no luck. It wasn’t until she was driving away that she wondered if someone had dropped it off at the front. 

“A bulb magically appeared above my head. I called the store and asked if anyone turned it in. The manager asked what the name was on the card, I responded, “Tracy Horton.” “Yes,” the manager said.

Horton headed back to Harris Teeter to pick up her card and pay for her groceries. When she arrived she was met with yet another surprise. A complete stranger had foot the bill.

“As I stood there thumbing through a magazine I was approached by the cashier saying, “Excuse me miss, you’re waiting for your bags right?” I nodded, yes. He continued, “Well, the man behind you earlier, bought your groceries for you.” I literally stood there starring at him confused for a minute then the word, what?!? came flying out of my mouth,” Horton said on social media. 

Horton shared her story on Facebook, asking her friends to please remember to care for one another. “Your random acts of individual kindness can positively change someone’s moment, their day or even their life,” she said. 

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