Steele Creek residents fed up with dangerous intersection


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — There have been over 95 car accidents at the intersection of Moss Road and South Tryon in the last six years.

“I have almost gotten to the point that I go a different direction. That’s how afraid I am that someone is going to hit me,” Ed Earnest said.

People who live and work in the area said the intersection is something they don’t want to mess with.

“If I have to make a left turn, I do it where the Lake Wylie School is at. I like to turn a block before, just to avoid it,” Joel Coffey said.

Drivers that are trying to make a left turn into Moss face a little bit of difficulty. This area of South Tryon is slightly higher than Moss, which blocks visibility for many drivers making the turn.

“It’s really dangerous because once the people are trying to turn left and there is a car turning right, it totally blocks your view,” Earnest said.

All of this could be changed, if the flashing yellow turn signal didn’t exist.

“The yellow flash, if that could be eliminated or it’s either green or red, I think that would solve 90 percent of the issue,” Dean Gaddis said.

A number of people have reached out to the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) but they say the crash rate here isn’t high enough and most of the accidents aren’t related to the signal, so a signal change isn’t required. Drivers say otherwise.

“As of yesterday we had someone on the blinking or flashing yellow light to turn left and of course they took a chance they pulled out and another car struck. Of course there were injuries and that seems to be a common occurrence,” Gaddis said.

So how can Steele Creek residents get results?

The city says they need to have more people request a signal change with the city in hopes of making the intersection safer. You can do it online at Charlotte Department of Transportation Website.

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