Steele Creek creating a new neighborhood identity with logos and defined boundaries


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 WJZY) — So where exactly is Steele Creek?

It’s not a trick question but pretty much everyone you ask will say Southwest Charlotte.

“We are trying to break from the Southwest. If I say I’m in Southwest Charlotte, what does that really mean? If I say I’m in Ballantyne, you know exactly where that is,” Steele Creek Printing & Design Owner Charles Wilkerson said.

People who live there say Steele Creek continuously gets muddled in with other neighborhoods and they are sick of it.

So the plan now is to revamp Steele Creek with a new identity and fix how people view the area.

“Things can get dated and Steele Creek is a place that’s over 100 years old. It’s one of the oldest communities in Charlotte. So we just saw a need to kind of give it a fresh coat of paint if you will to modernize it and kind of bring up to speed with the rest of Charlotte and the rest of our community,” Vice President of the Charlotte Chamber Southwest Chapter William Hodges said.

One of the issues on this branding is they want to fix is the boundaries of Steele Creek. Most people don’t know where it begins or where it ends. Some drawing the line into Ballantyne and all the way up to South End.

While the Steele Creek name isn’t going anywhere, everything from a logo, to a hashtag, to even the signs letting you know where you are will be changing.

“We are not looking to make things fake hip or anything. It’s just really to give ourselves a solid boundary, a new logo and just give us a solid identity from which we can bring together our community, our business owners and residents,” Hodges said.

For the people who live in Steele Creek, the biggest problem they have is the misconception there’s not much there.

“People think we are out here in the sticks and we are all the way in the boondocks but we are really not. We are actually very centrally located to metro charlotte it’s really about finding a way to align those misperceptions with reality,” Hodges said.

“We got Lake Wylie. We got the airport, easy access. We got interstate access,” Wilkerson said.

The hope now is that the rebranding stops the confusion and brings Steele Creek the recognition they say it deserves.

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