Statesville woman hospitalized after falling into sinkhole


STATESVILLE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A woman had to be hospitalized after she fell into a dangerous sinkhole on South Center St. in Statesville. Crews are working to determine what caused the sinkhole to form.

Witnesses tell FOX 46 she was simply walking down the sidewalk before it gave in and she fell into a wide hold. She was taken to the hospital quickly to be looked at. 

“I was actually at the door whenever it happened.” 

Tara, who only told us her first name, was at work on South Center St. when she heard a woman’s screams.

“I stuck my head out the door because I was scared I didn’t know what was going on,” Tara said. 

The woman fell into the sinkhole and was unable to get out. 

“She was all in the hole,” said Tara.

Shaun Blackwood heard the screams as he was walking back from the store and ran towards this spot.

“She was already in the hole. She was screaming. So I ran over and grabbed her. And hold her until they called the police,” Blackwood said. 

He couldn’t pull her out, but he did stop her from falling deeper in. 

“She was scared. She was sinking in that hole. I would’ve been to,” said Blackwood. 

The sidewalk and street that gave way has since been blocked off, but locals can’t believe it formed so fast and hours before this scary incident happened nobody remembered seeing it.

“I walk by there and I didn’t even notice it and it’s big,” Tara said. 

Now, they can’t get the image out of their mind of the woman who was stuck in it.

“Her whole body and her except her leg and just her arm. The rest of her body was in the ground,” said Blackwood.

First responders have not publicly commented on the woman’s injuries, but city officials say they will announce plans to deal with the sinkhole on Tuesday.

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