Statesville City Council votes to rezone Gander RV, allowing massive American flag to continue flying


STATESVILLE, N.C. — The fate of the massive American flag flying over a Statesville business has been determined.

FOX 46 has covered the controversy over the flag at Gander RV just off of I-77 for months.

Monday night, Statesville city leaders voted to rezone the area Gander RV sits on. This makes the flag compliant with the ordinance and it can freely fly.

The initial issue came when Gander RV raised the 40-by-80-foot flag in October 2018. Statesville City Council said the flag was illegal, as it went against a city ordinance. 

As the issue dragged on, the CEO of Camping World, which owns Gander RV, stepped in, taking a hard line saying that the flag would not come down and that he was willing to go to jail over it. 

After much back and forth, city council made the decision to allow the flag to continue flying and stop charging Gander RV for violating the ordinance. 

The decision comes with a cost, however. Gander RV must pay over $14,000 in fines for originally breaking the ordinance, plus $2,000 in legal costs.


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