Special team for child crime victims visits home of 2-year-old who was kidnapped, left in snow


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A two-year-old boy who was kidnapped and left out in the snow Thursday night in northeast Charlotte is getting help from a special response team for child crime victims.
Friday afternoon police and a team of mental health professionals were at the two-year-old’s home.
The young boy’s mom tells FOX 46 Charlotte she feels horrible, and the whole ordeal terrified her.
Investigators say D’Jerry Cassamajor stole and crashed the two year old’s mom’s car while the child was inside Thursday evening. Police say the mom left her child in the car which was running, unlocked, and parked outside the Super Wok 1 on W. Sugar Creek Road, while she ran inside the restaurant to pick up food.
“By the time we looked out, the car, all we saw were taillights, that’s all we saw,” Eddy Brown, a manager who was working at the nearby Metro PCS store, said.
Brown says he heard a loud noise and ran out to see the mom very upset.
“We all were trying to call the police and help her out as much as we can.”
One of the workers at the restaurant says the mom came in, picked up her food and then left. Moments later, she came back, panicked, asking to use the phone to call a family member.
The mom says she called 911 and then called her mom who was with some friends. They went to the area near the restaurant and found the wrecked car with the two-year-old sitting out in the snow. They chased and tackled the suspect until police got there and arrested him.
“I thank God that the child is safe and sound,” Brown said.

DSS was called because the child was left alone in the car. Cassamajor is due in court Monday.
Brown said, “I definitely want to see him locked away for a long time because that could have went either way.”

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