Southeast Charlotte community remembers 11-year-old boy hit, killed near middle school


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A southeast Charlotte community is remembering an 11-year-old boy who was hit and killed near a middle school.

Most people who live in the area say they are devastated by what happened, but they also say that they’re surprised there haven’t been more accidents like it because of how dark it is at night and how difficult it can be to cross the street.
A rock outside of McClintock Middle School where the boy was killed now reads ‘God Bless above and beneath people have left flowers. The growing memorial is honor of the 11-year-old boy was hit by a car Thursday. He died at the hospital. 

“Any time someone dies whether it be an accident my heart goes out to the family. This time my heart goes out to the family and the driver,” said David Culbreth. 

Neighbors describe the scene as chaos. On Friday, markers outline where it all happened the young boy was killed just one block away from a designated crosswalk. 

“We have kids who walk around in this neighborhood all the time,” McClintock Middle School teacher Amber Irvin said. 

Irvin says it’s sad to think about what happened and she hopes more is done to make the road safer. 

“More safe spaces and more lights to make it easier and more visible for people to try to cross the road,” she said. 

Irvin says as a teacher concerns for students extend beyond the classroom. 

“We love and care about the kids anyone who is a teacher cares about the kids so we want to make sure they’re getting to school safely and getting home safely and are cared about at all times,” she said. 
Police have not released the identity of the young boy or the driver at this time. Right now, the driver isn’t facing any charges. Police only say the death investigation is ongoing. 

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