Someone torched his Corvette and Pride flag…and it was all caught on video


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A Charlotte man claims someone lit his car on fire while it was parked in his driveway overnight and his home surveillance video caught it on camera. 

Seth Headley posted video and photos of his torched Corvette on Facebook Wednesday morning.

“So I am devastated,” Headley said. “This was my dream car.”

According to Headley, a man can be seen wearing what appeared to be a bullet proof vest and carrying a gun outside his west Charlotte home.

“He didn’t care he was seen, he took his time.” 

The man can be seen on camera lighting the car cover of Headley’s Corvette on fire. After he finished with the car, Headley said the man attempted to light his Pride flag on fire.

“I never had an issue before. I have lived in this house for year. I am sick and I am sure [police] won’t catch him.” 

FOX 46 reporter Jenyne Donaldson is speaking with Seth Headley and police to learn more about what happened. Look for updates on this story tonight on FOX 46 News. 

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