Some parents upset over Butler High School makeup day


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Some parents, students and even teachers are upset over the decision to have Butler High School students make up a day of school missed because of a deadly shooting. 

The state says the day has to be made up, but parents believe an exception should be made.

“That day was the worst day of my life, and I walked out of there with my kid, I walked out of there with my daughter,” Butler High parent Beth Clemets said.

She and her husband were searching desperately for their child at Butler High School on October 29, 2018—the day a student was shot and killed in the hallway of the high school. 

It’s still emotional to talk about. Classes were called off at the school the next day to help the students, but now, parents say that good deed resulted in punishment.

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“This is throwing salt on the wounds,” Clemets said 

State law states students at Butler High will have to make up a day. All the other times they were off, it was all throughout the district, so this lingering day is specific to the school. 

“You know what those kids did?  They went to school, they made art projects, they went to coffee shops. They sat and they cried, they did what they needed to do.” 

In a statement, CMS said that the day is not an option, and that special programs and mental health support will be given on that day.

Clemets is not alone in her anger. There’s an online petition up, with more than 200,000 signatures so far, asking for a waiver.

Clemets herself said she’s appealing to the general assembly for a waiver because after a rough year. She said Butler deserves it.
“The only people who want to do this day over is Bobby McKeithen’s family. They are the only ones that deserve a do-over.”

FOX 46 also spoke with Clements’ daughter, who told us that the decision has also affected the final testing schedule. Butler High’s graduation is June 11, and therefore the makeup day could affect some students who were preparing to graduate.

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