SLEDDING PARADISE: Stretch of roadway remains the best slope in Lincolnton


LINCOLNTON, NC (FOX 46) — A few days after a snowfall you’d think most people would be annoyed if their street were still covered. In one small city there’s still about a quarter mile stretch not cleared off – and folks don’t mind it at all. 

In fact, people in Lincolnton insist the City not touch the area calling it a “landmark”.

“This is Tank Hill. The happening place when it snows,” Resident Bobbie Grant explained. 

The area is more than just a spot to slide down head-first, it’s a place that means so much going back generations. 

“It brings back memories, oh so many memories.” 

“36 years my family have been making our own memories here. Usually there’s a bonfire at night, so it’s just fun.” 

“This has been blocked off at least 60 to 70 years. You had a lot of people that would come out here, the whole neighborhood, the whole town!” 

One would think closing an access street just blocks from Main Street would cause some headaches, but people living in and around the area said this is how they want it. 

“We can handle it. We love it. If they did block it off, we’d be mad.” 

“The people that live here now, they are very kind to let people still block the streets, so that’s a big thing because you’re still messing up people’s driveways.” 

For some of the tenured residents, the real joy is being able to make new memories. 

“I don’t want to miss out on the fun. I have at least ten different sleds!”


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