Skimmer found on ATM in Rock Hill


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Crooks are using a tiny camera to steal customer’s pin numbers at a Rock Hill ATM.  Local police and the FBI continue to investigate and look for potential victims.

The skimmer was found on an ATM Sunday near Celanese Road. Right now, it’s not clear how long the skimmer was there or how many customers may have been compromised.

The Rock Hill Forensics Team took the skimmer and mirror apart and found a tiny hole which they said suspects use to watch victims enter their pin number.  

“These people are pros, most of them this isn’t their first time. You know, they can even look in at it from the side, they can kind of figure out what numbers you’re using,” Capt. Bolinger said.

Police and federal agents have surveillance video from the bank and nearby businesses. FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to several people in the area who said they’re cautious when using an ATM for this very reason.

“Normally I use my own bank or someplace I’m very familiar with that gets a lot of traffic,” a local resident said.

“Nowadays they’re so high-tech you can barely notice them from what I’ve been told. I do a lot of my transactions online just to avoid going to an ATM,” another said.

Despite the tricks suspects are using, police said you can keep yourself from being a victim.

“You just jiggle the device because if it’s a part of the ATM, it’s not going to move and you know it belongs there,” Capt. Bolinger said.

He also said try to use the same machine so you’re familiar with how it looks. That way you can easily identify if something looks different.

“Our crime analysts and our detective division always work with Charlotte-Mecklenburg and the surrounding agencies because if we’re getting hit usually other ones are getting hit also,” Capt. Bolinger said.

If you’ve used an ATM in Rock Hill recently it’s best to check your bank statement to make sure everything is correct. If it isn’t, call your bank. 

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