Should North Carolina teachers carry guns in class?


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Should teachers in North Carolina be able to carry guns? Florida lawmakers passed a bill Monday allowing some teachers to carry a firearm. We asked North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper if he’d sign such a bill here.

“I think it is a bad idea for us to have guns on campus. I think when you have guns on campus, there is a potential of trouble and people getting hurt, people getting mad with each other, carelessness. I think we should keep our schools free of guns. I do not think that is a good proposal at all,” said Gov. Cooper.

The Governor says he has other plans to make our children feel safe in the classroom.

“I’m going to be making some proposals here within the next week. I think it is absolutely clear we have to strengthen our background checks.”

We spoke with several teachers who also say no to guns in the classroom.

Bethanie Johnson is a teaching assistant and veteran. She says, “We teach non-violence and working out your problems through communication and problem solving. I think that society should mirror that, rather than schools needing to mirror the more violent aspects of our society.”

Another teacher, Joanna Schimizzi, says “I’ve fired a gun in a gun safety class, but I strongly feel that arming teachers is not the right choice. Ensuring all schools have well-trained School Resource Officers is a much better option. I’m 5’2 and 125 pounds – a gun could easily be taken from me by a combative student.”

We also asked for your input on social media. 

Matthew Walton wrote, “Arming teachers who’ve acquired their CCP, to be in accordance with standing laws and to educate teachers who wish to do this, yes. 

Another comment – this one from Kevin Trainor – says, “How many more incidents have to occur before people realize that we live in a violent society? Arming teachers that can prove proficiency in handling a firearm; I say what has taken so long?”

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