Shoppers head to grocery stores for final preparations for Thankgsgiving


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It’s that time of year for many to make a last minute dash to the grocery store before their big Thanksgiving feast.

“We game planned pretty heavily. We got about a list this long, so now we are on execution mode,” Alex Pop said.

“We decided we had to come last minute and we are just doing the traditional thanksgiving dinner that my mom always did,” Jenny Reiser said.

Many are preparing for their specific roles on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’m going to take over stuffing and frying the turkeys. I requested oversight of the potatoes,” Pop said.

Most have to tweak certain traditions.

“We don’t have a big kitchen and aren’t at my home, we are just doing a lot of things to save us time, we are doing good mashed potatoes that we are doing by hand but we are doing a lot of things that’s already prepared or almost prepared,” Rochelle Glover said.

Others, keeping up with traditions they’d just rather let go.

“We’re from the Detroit area, so we’ll watch the lions lose. That’s a Thanksgiving tradition. After that, we’ll cover up our sadness with butter, stuffing and turkey and booze,” Pop said.

For many in FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to, it’s all about quick and easy prep.

“Well, I cheated and got the turkey from macs speed shop,” Timothy O’Leary said.

Whether you’re spending days in the kitchen or looking for some handy dandy shortcuts, people still say there is plenty to be thankful for even amid all the cooking chaos

“Friends! Friends!” Partick Sahd said.

“Thankful for running into friends at the grocery store,” Jenny Miller said.

“I’m thankful that Penn State could potentially play in the national championship with a couple wins. I’m thankful for recipes that you can prepare in 5 minutes,” Sahd said.

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