Shooting victim called out suspected murderer on Facebook Live


WINGATE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A man believed to have been outing suspected drug dealers on Facebook was shot and killed by while he was making a live video.

On Tuesday, FOX 46 uncovered another Facebook video made by the victim that referenced his killer as one of those suspected drug dealers.

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The Wingate Police Department says Douglas Cleveland Colson shot and killed Prentis Robinson around 10:15 a.m. on Monday on Jerome St., roughly a block away from the police station near Wingate University.

Robinson was walking down making a Facebook Live video, something that sources say was routine for Robinson.

In fact, FOX 46 was first to report that Robinson was known across the community for outing suspected drug dealers while on Facebook Live.

Now, we’ve obtained past Facebook Lives where Robinson calls out the very man who is accused of killing him.

“Doug Colson, that n***** on the G** d*** hill, trying to sell G*** d*** dope in the streets,” Robinson shouted. “Been doing it for 80 G** d*** years, an old mother f*****, but ain’t no G** d*** cop can bust him. Bull-s***. I’m the new Sheriff in this G** d*** town.”

The rant went on for 30 minutes.

“Doug is the G** d*** problem,” Robinson added. “Always been the problem.”

Was Colson murdered in retaliation? Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay says he doesn’t have an answer, yet, but admits, he had seen some of Robinson’s Facebook Live videos in the past and was concerned.

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“Just code of the street and me being an officer at the time– I did think that he probably would get some sort of negative consequence from his actions but again I had no idea it would be something of that magnitude that happened to him yesterday. I had no idea,” Chief Gay said. 

The Chief said it never investigated the claims made on Facebook.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office does not have any arrests listed for Colson dating back to 2013, besides this recent murder charge.

Colson is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 28.

Robinson had been arrested in Union County 11 times since 2013. Charges include misuse of 911 system and communicating threats. 

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