Shamrock Gardens Elementary teachers spend summer on new program for students


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FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor local teachers who are getting results!

Teachers are crucial in our children’s education – but sometimes they fly under the radar – underappreciated for all that they do.

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This week, FOX 46 Charlotte was at Shamrock Gardens Elementary where a small group of teachers kept the learning going over the summer to make sure students didn’t fall behind during break. 

Madonna Lampley and Andrea Restrepo didn’t know what to think when FOX 46 Charlotte burst into the school library this summer. 

“You completely 100 percent shocked me,” Lampley said. 

“I was very shocked. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my read-aloud just got much more interesting,'” Restrepo said. 

The two teachers made sure the learning didn’t stop when class ended. They provided tutoring and support to students every Wednesday through the Summer Learning Blitz program

“Some of the kids…they don’t have resources at home to be able to something like this. So to be able to come in and use the iPads and computers and get within the Summer Learning Blitz and earn prizes like the other kids in the district, I think it’s great for that purpose that we open the doors for that,” Lampley explained. 

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The program is relatively new to Shamrock Gardens – but then again so are the teachers. 

Restrepo is just going into her first year this fall. 

“I thought it was a great opportunity for me to practice my teaching over the summer, but also to help students who need the extra help during the summer,” she explained. 

Their passion and enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed by the dozens who took part. 

“They really, they’ll push you to the limit, or make you a little bit angry, but it’s kind of worth it because then you’re doing a little bit better during the school year,” Brandon Blackmon said. 

“What drives me to be a teacher is to see the growth that the kids make and to see them cherish school because we’re very important to them,” Lampley said. 

“The feeling of knowing that you have an impact on student lives. you can help them achieve their goals and dreams, and whatever they want to be. You’re an instrumental part of making that happen,” Restrepo said. 

This is just the second week of honoring teachers getting results. Know a teacher you’d like to nominate? Message Kayla Ayres FOX 46 on Facebook. 


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