Shady repairman banned from doing work in NC continues to offer services


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man at the center of a FOX 46 investigation seems to not be obeying legal orders to stop work.

A judge ruled John Jackson is banned from entering into agreements with customers; he can’t even advertise his business while the lawsuit is ongoing.

A customer contacted FOX 46 saying Jackson was doing repair work at her house this weekend.

“This is what popped up. It says ‘Appliance Maxx.’” Said Dana Davis, a customer who said he and his wife were ripped off by John Jackson. “Now looking back at it, in retrospect, it really doesn’t look all that legitimate.”

The website Davis pulled up was the same one FOX 46 linked to John Jackson. The couple called the number on the site to hire a repairman to fix their ice maker.

Ring video at the couple’s home appears to show John Jackson, the man wanted for ripping off customers. They say he took a look at their ice maker, said they needed a new part, and he’d be back the next day.

“He came back with something,” Davis said. “Looking back on it, I’m not entirely sure what he did come back with. He had a box in his hand as you can see on the Ring picture.”

Whatever he did, he didn’t fix the ice maker.


“I started to listen and I thought ‘oh, I don’t hear the ice making.’” said Tammy Davis. “I kept going every hour into the freezer to see if the ice machine was working and it wasn’t.”

Dana and Tammy Davis say Jackson accepted a check and credit card payment amounting to $380.

“What caused me to question it is when I was finished with the transaction,” Dana said, “I was assuming he was going to give me an invoice, which he did not.”

Armed with only the guy’s phone number, they looked him up online.

“That is the point in which your article from your news station came up in which you had done some reporting on this guy,” Dana told FOX 46 investigative reporter, Morgan Frances, “and then I had read the entire article, and realized that we had basically been grifted.”

The Davis’ canceled their payments, saving them $380, but they say it’s more about the principle, and questions still remain:

How is a man who has at least 12 warrants out for his arrest, and has been sued by the Attorney General still conducting business, seemingly, without a care in the world?

If a news station knows where he lives, why haven’t police arrested him?

Dana and Tammy decided not to file a police report because, “It doesn’t really do any good,” Tammy said, “because they have so much on this guy. It’s like they can’t seem to do anything about it.”

FOX 46 reached out to the Attorney General’s office to see if Jackson faces any additional charges if he violates the judge’s orders. They said “thanks for sharing this,” but haven’t answered our question, “does he face more charges?”

FOX 46 will continue to stay on top of this investigation

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