Scary moments for employees after car plows into front of Resident Culture Brewery


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — Terrifying moments at Resident Culture Brewing after closing time Saturday night after a car came crashing through the building while employees were still inside.

“Our initial thoughts were pretty much ‘what the hell was that,'” said bar manager, Bekah Hicks.

Tire marks and shattered glass among the debris showing outside where thousands of dollars of repairs to the front of the building were taking place.

“We’re lucky honestly,” Hicks said. “He was coming at a high speed and the steel beam stopped his car causing anymore damage or hurting anyone else.”

Despite the repairs, the brewery was only delayed opening an hour on Sunday and although the brewery had a wild overnight Hicks adds she’s fortunate things weren’t worse.

“It’s all kid of crazy. We are just keeping it light hearted and everyone is in great spirits and we are just going to go through business as usual,” said Hicks.


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