Scarce rain cause extreme drought in some SC counties


YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Scarce rain in counties across the Carolinas are creating drought conditions, causing problems for farmers across the area.

Many in York County say they’ve seen droughts before, but tell FOX 46 without a lot of rain expected in the coming days they worry it will get worse before it gets better. 

If you take a ride through farms in the area, signs of extreme drought are clear.

Sam Hall, owner of Bush-N-Vine, says droughts like this can impact almost everything from plants to produce.

“We planted strawberries back in early September and they haven’t had a rain on them since they’ve been planted,” Hall said. 

Businesses are not the only ones feeling the impact of the drought– 

“The pond is dried up now and I also have a creek that I’ve never seen dry up and it’s dried up now,” York County neighbor Michael Thomas said. 

With two cows at home, Thomas says making sure they have water is now a much harder task.

“I put on the front of my forklift a 50 gallon cooler like the ones for a party and I take it down there,” said Thomas.  

However, the dry weather is not all bad.

“It’s good for our pumpkins. It helps them stay firmer and they last longer,” Hall said. 

This time last year, Hall says Bush-N-Vine saw a 20 percent loss after multiple storms swept through the area.

“It’s like polar opposites last year we had three hurricanes come through during pumpkin season at least start to finish.” 

While both Thomas and Hall have figured out ways to work around the lack of water. 

“A little bit of rain helps a lot there’s nothing like the rain you can water all day long but nothing compares to the rain,” Hall said. 

While many wait for rain there are some things you can do at home to help, that includes taking shorter showers and making sure sprinklers only water plants ant driveways or sidewalks. 

On top of the drought, all of York County is still under a boil water advisory after a massive water main broke on Cherry Road caused the county to lose 30 million gallons of water. 

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