SC women sewing medical masks for healthcare professionals


SOUTH CAROLINA — Two South Carolina women are taking it upon themselves to try to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic and all it’s taking is a needle and some thread. In fact, some sew medical masks.

They’re so worried about the mask shortage they told the nurses they may have to wear bandanas with major medical supply shortages all across the country.

South Carolina residents Ann Sealy and Joanne Van Swol decided to take it upon themselves to take action.

“We have at least 70 we thought we were ‘going to’ make 30 but then we made 60 so our goal is 100 masks,” Sealy said.

So the two got to work this weekend with their needles and thread-making medical masks for those who need them most.

“You start with little squares that are six-by-nine, you sew the sides together and pleat them. We had an assembly line with our children.” 

Already, others are wanting to follow suit and the masks are in high demand.

“We’ve had people wanting them for their hospice nurses. The prison guards.”

Both these women have doctors as husbands and even kids in the health care profession.

‘“I think they see what’s going on in Italy and their concern is we wouldn’t get there because they don’t want to have to make those decisions they want to slow it down,” 

Slowing has taken the form of sewing for these two women.

“Every person that doesn’t get it, you’re saving lives so if you wear a mask and that keeps you from getting it you made a difference.”

Two women, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of health care workers fighting to save lives. 

“It’s awesome to be a part of the solution we are tired of hearing what we should’ve done we know where we are today and this is what we can do today, being a part of the solution is wonderful.”

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