SBI: Shots fired into Long View Police Department in Hickory


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The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into an incident where shots were fired into the Long View Police Department’s main building Monday night. 

The shooting happened between 6:00 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. Monday, March 26. 

Authorities said a high caliber pistol was used in the shooting. No one is in custody at this time. 

“It struck here while the fire captain was standing over the window,” said Sgt. Scott Pitts. “About five minutes later another firefighter came out and with the trains going two more shots rang out.”

SBI plans to come out to the scene Tuesday to measure the trajectory to determine exactly where the shots were fired. At least three shots were heard by witnesses. 

A train was traveling by the scene when shots were heard, police said. Railroad authorities said they’re working with detectives and reviewing camera footage to see if the suspect was caught on the train camera.

“If anybody knows anything call up here and let us know,” said police chief, Michael Winters. “If they hear anything, so we get some types of leads, if anyone is bragging what they’ve done call us and let us know.”

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