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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — They are the faceless heroes; the first responders that aren’t on the scene of a crash or a crime but they make sure help gets there quickly.

911 is a lifeline for those in need. Men and women answer calls around the clock getting results.

Jason Jeffares is one of them. He’s worked with Mecklenburg EMS Agency for 12 years. During his time he’s seen the call load increase as Charlotte grows.

“People don’t call 911 on good days. They call on what they perceive as one of their worst days,” said Jeffares. That’s what drives him to remain calm and collected when callers are often the exact opposite.

He’s helped people perform CPR, deliver babies and talked to victims in need of help.

The phone rings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Last year Medic answered 167,819 calls. On any given day they answer between 350 and 400 calls.

“I have to be that calm, cool and collected voice reassuring them that help is coming,” explained Jeffares.

There’s a good chance if you ever have to call for help Jeffares will be asking you a lot of questions.

“To someone on the other end of the phone it may seem frustrating but there is a method to our madness and we are just trying to get all the information we can.

The most important thing he says you need is to know your location. No matter the hour, the call center is always staffed with men and women ready to help.

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