“Santa’s Little Helper” brings customized Christmas spirit


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You might say Jennifer Everson is “Santa’s Little Helper.”

Everson has spent countless hours decorating for the holidays — using thousands of spools and lights along with hundreds of wreaths. 

This doesn’t include the time she spends creating all the custom-made decorations for the joyous season. It’s all a part of her unique business.

Everson runs a business named “Santa’s Little Helper.” It’s going on its fifth year and Everson says this is the busiest season yet.

The company is a full-service crew that decorates homes, communities, businesses and venues with Christmas decorations. They design, purchase, install, maintain, takedown and store all decorations.

Everson said her business does the job most people think they can’t do.

“I’ve actually cried with people before,” Everson said. “The lights go on and people are like, ‘oh my gosh!'” The average person can’t get up on a peak and we light those peaks.”

Everson is an engineer turned artist. She met her husband, Jon, who is a Captain with Charlotte Fire, while making wreaths for him to use in gift packages. After seeing what she was capable of he suggested turning her craft into a full-time business. 

“Our first year was small enough I could take a little time off work and he could take a little time off at the fire station and we were able to do it,” Everson said. “By Year Two I had to quit my job because it took so much time creating everything,” 

Everson said the most fun part for her is when clients give her creative freedom. 

“The artist sees this is my canvas it’s just three dimensional,” Everson said.

Christmas comes early for Everson because she starts prepping for the holidays in the summer.

“I vowed that from here on, the day after Halloween I don’t care who doesn’t like it — my tree my lights are all going up,” Everson said.

Everson said her business has grown every year and she’s excited to add more “helpers” to the business. 

“It’s absolutely fun that I can get paid to make things pretty and make people smile,” Everson added.

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