Ryley Hufford gets special chair on ‘Giving Tuesday’ after FOX46 viewers get results


ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46) — After being up with Ryley since 2 a.m., Cindy Hufford is finding it hard to hold back tears after finally seeing the P-Pod chair they have been waiting for.

“We want to present this P-Pod chair for Ryley. So he can get around, be safe and help with his back support,” All Thing Possible Ministry Spokesperson Lisa Sexton said.

“I’m sorry,” Cindy Hufford said holding back tears.

“Don’t be sorry, and it’s purple.”

“He likes purple,” Cindy Hufford said. “It’s such a relief on us. Comfort wise, holding him, financially. It’s just wonderful.”

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“My back will be saved and my arms. I probably would have needed to start working out soon because he’s getting big,” James Hufford said

The P-Pod chair will helps give Ryley support and give James and Cindy Hufford a break from carrying him.

“It will give him the mobility of independence from us, we have to carry him everywhere, just from his bed to a chair, to the floor. He won’t have to lay on the floor,” Cindy Hufford said.

They’ll also be able to feed him in the chair, instead of one of them holding him and holding the tube they feed him with.  

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This P-Pod chair also comes apart to make it easier to move. “All things possible ministry” ordered the chair from England, the only place where they’re currently made. It’s only fitting it arrived on “Giving Tuesday.”

“It’s just wonderful. It worked out perfectly. Believe me, as James and I feel, pay it forward. I’m sure a lot of giving is going on and we really appreciate the giving from the community everywhere for Ryley,” Cindy Hufford said.

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