Rowan County plane crashes into Georgia townhomes, killing 2


DEKALB COUNTY, G.A. — FOX 46 is working to get new details on a plane crash in Atlanta involving a flight headed to Salisbury. The accident left two people dead. 

“I heard a really loud crash and it didn’t sound like anything normal and I walked outside and that’s when I saw the plane fuselage on the ground,” neighbor Rocky Nixon said. “It literally happened just the next door down from my townhouse building.

 Pieces of the plane could be seen throughout the complex, in the parking lot at the gates and on embankments.For one man, he actually went into his home.

“My aunt was basically screaming at my uncle through the window she smelled gas.  I went outside there is just plane pieces everywhere,” neighbor Ricky Nixon said. 

The FAA isn’t saying much right now about what happened, but FOX 46 was able to piece together some information from the website Flightaware.

The website Flightaware tracks flights all over the world and it tracked the ill-fated flight that was headed to Salisbury.

This information indicates that the plane took tuesday from Salisbury for Atlanta and left to go back to salisbury in what was reported to be less than ideal conditions.

Rain  was in the area most of the day. Flightware says around 10:20 a.m., the plane readings stopped for the flight and that was around the time the crash happened.

After investigating, FOX 46 found that plane is a piper pa-28 headed from one of the smaller airports in Atlanta, to the Mid-Carolina Regional Airport in Rowan County.  

Federal investigators are looking into what caused the crash, and the names of those killled have not yet been released. 

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