Ron Rivera leaves a legacy in Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Make no mistake, the firing of Ron Rivera is a seismic move in the Carolinas. After nine seasons as head coach for the two-state team, Rivera has become a name both players and fans alike have come to love.

“I got to have breakfast with Coach Rivera he seems to genuine, he wouldn’t lie to you, he just kept it real” said Panthers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy.

Tepper has commented on Rivera’s skill as a coach, but made the tough call Tuesday to let him go as the Panthers face four straight losses. 

“As far as Ron is concerned, he’s a good coach, he has the locker room skill, he always has, never lost it,” owner David Tepper said. 


Starting back during Training Camp, Rivera was ready to build another winner in Carolina.

“You get a good feel and a direction for where we are as a football team. I think the biggest thing we’ve got a lot of new moving parts,” Rivera said at Training Camp.  

What he wasn’t counting on was losing his franchise quarterback again. Cam Newton would play the first two games of the season before being lost to a foot injury.

Obviously frustrated, Rivera has had his moments where he’s gotten upset with the seemingly endless questions about QB 1’s absence. He walked out of one presser after another question about Newton. 

Rivera leaves the organization as the team’s all-time leader in wins with 76.

Rivera, who calls Charlotte home, doesn’t only leave a legacy on the field, but off it as well.

Riverboat Ron is known for getting results for our community, especially with military efforts and our furry friends.

Earlier this year, he worked with the Humane Society to start the “We Are Family” campaign to help build a new facility for animals in Uptown. He even adopted his own best friend Tahoe.

“Having a pet, having a dog has really been a tremendous part of our lives,” Rivera said. “We are responsible for them so I think having a new facility for the Humane Society will really help out this community.” 

Fans have said Rivera will be missed, but they’re hopeful for the future of the Carolina Panthers. 


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