Rock Hill’s new school transfer rule keeps athletes sidelined for a year


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High school athletes who want to transfer for athletic reasons will now have to sit out a whole year before they can play again in Rock Hill.

“Well I don’t think that’s fair. If the transfer for whatever the reason may be and you need to transfer and make a move then it is what it is,” Rock Hill Resident Sandra Hartsfield said.

Some parents tell FOX 46 Charlotte the new rule isn’t fair. They should be able to pick which high school to send their kids to for whatever reason. Rock Hill School District 3 says that creates an imbalance and it’s against the rules

“That’s not right. On one hand it’s exciting for the student to feel as though they are able to pick what high school they attend but they get to attend the highs school where they live. That’s a process we follow and that’s a process the South Carolina high school league provides for us for athletic elegibility,” Director of Communications at Rock Hill School District 3 Mychal Frost says.

Before the new rule, which went into effect on January 1, 2017, people could change their address with no questions asked.

“We are aware of issues at the middle school level that an 8th grade student, may have what amounts to a signing party for his or hers high school of choice,” Frost said.

The new rule will stop these signing parties from happening and as well as people moving just for athletic purposes.

“Being able to change schools for athletic reasons, you may overcrowd schools and maybe push out some of those who are supposed to be there and are not able to be there,” Rock Hill Resident Rachel Shannon said.

“It’s public education, you have to follow the rules. If you want something that you can make the rule more for yourself, you have to go to something more like a charter or private school,” Heather Fosterling said.

Some students transferring high schools may be able to appeal the year wait to the Athletic Appeals Committee. Student will have to provide proof they are moving due legitimate reasons.

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