Rock Hill Police Department launches online program to catch cold case killers


ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — An unsolved murder case can weigh heavy on the minds and hearts of the victim’s family members, who are often left with several unanswered questions.
The Rock Hill Police department wants to give those families what they’re yearning for, closure.
Captain Brent Allmon helps to oversee investigations at the department, including cold cases. He’s leading detectives in a new initiative that will hopefully yield answers to unsolved homicides.
The department in the coming weeks will launch an online program, where family members of the city’s 15 unsolved homicides that date back to 1965, will have the opportunity to participate in informational videos to raise awareness.

A 3-minute video will be filmed for each unsolved homicide case, and feature a victim’s family member, as well as a factual overview of the case.
“Sometimes folks aren’t willing to talk to police, but they know something,” Allmon said. “We feel like taking the victim’s story from the family’s perspective and letting the public see that, seeing what those tragedies have done to them, will encourage people to forward.”
The department will launch the online series on their social media platforms, their website and YouTube. Currently, they are filming for three cold cases. They hope the public will share the videos on their social media accounts.
“Our goal is to get this in front of the people who need to see this, who may know something,” Allmon said. “This is not for entertainment value. So, we’re doing this to try and solve these cases.”
One of the 15 cases that will be profiled is Walter Marshall Faile, a 77-year-old man who was repeatedly stabbed and left for dead in his public housing complex for seniors. Detectives said thier initial investigation indicates he knew his attacker and let them inside the home on 310 Hutchinson Street, because there was no forced entry. Police haven’t disclosed a motive.
Faile’s sister spoke with Fox 46 Charlotte. She supports the department’s upcoming online program and has already filmed her segment with them.
“I miss him, I really do. I loved him and he loved me. It has been hard, it’s been hard. Not knowing why or who. But, hopefully we find out who. But the Lord knows who did this. And I have tried to forgive them for what they did,” she said.
Family members told Fox 46 Charlotte Faile was very social and opened his door to whoever was in need of food or conversation, even the homeless. He’d lived in his home for nearly eight years before the incident happened.
The police department is urging the public to take a look at the upcoming series which will include phone numbers and email addresses of detectives you can contact if you have answers.  
“Anything we can do to bring closure to these families. We want to bring whoever is responsible to justice,” Allmon said.

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