Rock Hill community on alert after “Grinch” steals Christmas decorations


ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Homeowners in the Springsteen Plantation Community of Rock Hill told FOX 46 Charlotte that their Christmas decorations are being stolen.

“Out of desperation,” a homeowner said. ” It’s sad though. It’s like the real Grinch.” 

At least three homes have been targeted this week, two of which homeowners tell us were successful.

A family stated two of their light-up reindeer were taken from their front yard and another home had their inflatable Santa successfully stolen.

Another home was targeted but the thief was not successful because a neighbor ran the criminal off. 

Neighbors reported to police that the thief is a woman who was driving a black Ford Expedition. Her tag information was taken and given to police.

Officers stated that the information showed the vehicle was registered to an individual who is now deceased. 

“It’s shaken everybody up a little bit and we’re not going to accept it. And we’re not gonna allow it to happen anymore. So everybody has cameras now,” a homeowner said. 

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