Roberts: “It’s time for the legislature to do their job”


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX46) — State lawmakers failed to reach a decision to repeal HB2 also known as the “bathroom bill.” Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said there’s a lot of frustration and disappointment amongst legislators who don’t know what went wrong with repealing HB2.

 “It is time for the legislature to do their job,” said Roberts.

Roberts was very clear that she along with the city council are committed to being an inclusive city and that legislators need to do what they promised. “To have it all fall apart at the last minute, we’re just extremely disappointed. They didn’t hold up their end of the agreement,” said Roberts.

Roberts said, “We know that HB2 is harming everyone in the state not just the LGBT community, who feels like people are just free to discriminate against them but also small businesses, the tourist industry, businesses that might move here, conventions, all the jobs.”

One in nine jobs in Charlotte is in the tourism industry. Roberts said it’s mainly hourly workers who are affected by businesses who turned down North Carolina due to HB2. When asked what comes next she responded, “So we’re going to work with our private sector communities. We’re going to work with our community activists; we’re going to do as much as we can locally.”

Outraged residents reached out to express their frustration. Roberts said the city’s hands are tied and it’s up to individuals to contact state lawmakers and demand a change.

“The legislature still has the ability to act. They still can hold up their end of the agreement. I hope that people express their views that this is the right thing to do; this is what they promised to do. They need to do it as soon as possible,” said Roberts.


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