Road rage case ends in arrest of Charlotte Fire Captain


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“I just had someone pull a gun out on me and my 7-year-old daughter,” the 911 caller said. 

At the intersection of Concord Parkway and Pitts School road, Concord Police said Charlotte Fire Captain Brent Mincey pulled a gun and pointed it at the woman in the call.

Operator: What started this? What made him pull up next to you?

Caller: Me and mom was driving. He like threw his car in front of us. All our coffee, like everything, we had to slam on the breaks, he moved over lanes, and he pulls up next to us and pulls a gun out on us”

“So much craziness in the world right now. It scares you to think that we are going to turn on each other like that,” Concord resident Theresa Felker said.

“It’s an open carry state. I don’t even know if he broke a law but it’s still not a good idea,” Waxhaw resident Sal Marafioti said.

It’s actually misdemeanor to point a gun at someone. Mincey was charged with assault by pointing a gun and arrested Wednesday by Concord Police.

We reached out to the Charlotte Fire Department about any disciplinary action, they sent us a statement saying:

“The Charlotte Fire Department is aware of the incident involving one of its members and it’s currently under investigation.”

On CFD’s twitter page, in March of 2016, they posted photo of Mincey’s promotion to captain

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to neighbors and they say he’s a very nice person. Even one neighbor said Mincey gave them a toy for his son.

“There’s a lot of people under stress. You don’t know what’s they are going through but for them to react to a situation on the road to that extent, you know, take a deep breath and move on,” Felker said.

“I think anyone should have known better than point a gun at somebody. You never know what’s going to happen. What’s to say the person you point a gun at doesn’t have a bigger gun in their car? Now what?” Marafioti said.

Mincey posted bail on Wednesday and is now awaiting his next court date on January 24.

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