Rigged election, voter fraud worries


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Following allegations that the upcoming presidential election is being hacked and rigged, FOX 46 Charlotte got answers from election officials about how they’re working to protect the integrity of the ballot box.

“It’s hard to hack our voting equipment because it’s never hooked up to the internet,” said Michael Dickerson, the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director.

Dickerson said the ten-year old ballot box technology has four levels of back up when you cast a ballot. A fail-safe so poll workers can cross check election results to ensure your vote is protected.

“I have results on a flash card, in the internal memory of the machine. In the device poll workers use to start up the machine, and it’s recording on a piece of paper who you voted for,” said Dickerson.

But the ballot box isn’t the only concern. Some are worried about voter fraud and people hacking into voter registration databases.

“We monitor that daily also to make sure nothing out of the ordinary appears. We know what our numbers are day to day and what we anticipate our numbers to be day to day. We feel pretty confident about that also,” said Dickerson.

But is that enough for Trump supporters whose candidate tweeted out Monday, “there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before Election Day.”

“He won North Carolina in the primary, didn’t he? We’re using the same equipment, the same process, and the same procedures,” said Dickerson.

You can cast your ballot during early voting in Mecklenburg County starting this Thursday.

Information on 2016 early voting: 

  • Thursday 8 p.m. early voting starts at ten sites
  • No photo ID needed and can do same-day registration
  • Go early, long lines at end of early voting period
  • Four years ago, 60 percent of people voted early
  • 452,000 voters cast their ballot four years ago
  • 17 days of early voting
  • Elections carried out by each state independently

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