Residents, city warn against drainage issues


DILWORTH, NC (FOX 46) — Tuesday’s rain has been a welcome sight for many, but it’s also causing some added stress. Rain is leaving leaves a wet, soggy, slippery mess that can cause drainage issues.

“It’s a mess. The leaves are beautiful in the trees but when they come down and the rain hits it’s a big sludge all over the streets,” said Dilworth resident, Sandy Mazoway.

The rain is making what should be a routine cleanup a little more crazy.

“It’s a daily process an hour or more when my husband is out there shoveling, sweeping doing whatever he can to keep the leaves off the street,” said Mazoway.

The leaves on people’s property is something they can handle but when those leaves get into the drainage systems that’s when it becomes an issue.

“People who have sewerage drains in front of their yards they really need to go out with a rake and clear those,” said Dilworth resident, Paul Tillman. “A lot of people don’t do that and wonder why the streets flood when it’s like a five minute job.”

City officials agree telling Fox 46 Charlotte that by making sure your street and area is free of clutter you can help them and yourself prevent major drainage problems.

With more rain in the forecast, the city has three tips for residents to help prevent any issues:

-Check the around your home and yard for leaves

-Clear the area around the sewer

-Call 311 if all else fails so the city can come and take a look.


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