Report: Special-needs student sexually assaulted in Porter Ridge Middle School bathroom


INDIAN TRAIL, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A special-needs student at Porter Ridge Middle School was reportedly sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a fellow special needs student. 

A report with the Union County Sheriff’s Office was filed on Oct. 16.

“Where were the teachers?” the mother of the alleged victim, Apryl Rondina asked. 

Rondina said her child was followed into the bathroom by another student, a bathroom that is connected to the classroom. She said when her son came home from school that day, she knew something was wrong.

“He came off the bus and hid underneath a blanket and said, ‘Do not touch me. Do not touch me,’ and that’s not like him,” Rondina said. 

Medical records confirm there was a “sexual assault of child by bodily force.”

Union County Public Schools would not comment with FOX 46 Charlotte, only referring the station to the Sheriff’s Office.

There have been 16 incident reports filed this school year at Porter Ridge Middle. FOX 46 Charlotte has covered two alleged bullying cases. The first, when a student who was found with a knife allegedly threatened to “slit” another student’s throat.

The second, a student making a gun-shooting threat against another student. No gun was found.

Rondina said her son has also be bullied in the past at school and reports to school officials have not been met with any action. Rondina has pulled her child out of Porter Ridge.

“The kids that are assaulting these children should be pulled out of school until a full investigation is done,” she added.

FOX 46 has been covering issues at the school. Click below to explore our previous reporting.


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