Report: Man tries to take 11-year-old child from school


SHELBY, NC (FOX 46) — Students and staff at Shelby Intermediate are on high alert after an 11-year-old boy said a man tried to kidnap him from school.

“He said he went outside the gym class to get some water at the water fountain which is right outside the gymnasium. He heard a knock at the door, went to the door, and when he opened the door, the guy stepped in and grabbed his arm,” said Lt Chris Howington with Shelby Police Department.

But the student said he got away.

“The kid actually ran from the school, around the parking lot, and down the roadway. He was picked up by a citizen around Hamrick’s Produce.”

Several parents posted their outrage on Facebook. One mother saying, “This school should have been locked down and parents contacted, instead I get a call, a recording, saying please tell our children not to open school doors for anyone.”

Police said they’re working to get surveillance video from the school and nearby businesses as well as interview people who were there at the time to confirm the attempted kidnapping actually happened.

“We’ve interviewed him a couple different times and he told us the same story every single time. We have no reason to not believe him, but we’re still looking into everything that’s come up,” said Howington.

Moving forward, both police and the school district want to get across this important message.

“Just make sure to tell your children that when they’re at school to not open any outside doors.”

Police said they are following leads, but do not have a suspect.

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