Rapper Slim Thug issues warning after testing positive for coronavirus


One rapper is issuing a warning after he tested positive for coronavirus. 

When it comes to Slim Thug, many know him from “check up on it.” A collaboration with superstar and fellow Houston native, Beyonce’.

He hit big in the early 2000s. Today, he works on music and YouTube content called Hogg Life. It’s an inside look at life in north Houston.

Most recently the 39-year-old rapper has made national headlines. He’s one of the first rappers to test positive for COVID-19.

Slim Thug spoke with FOX 46 via Zoom video Thursday. He said with him being healthy and fit, he never thought he’d get the virus.

 “Don’t think that because you’re young you can’t get it. Anybody can get it. It’s still not cool to have a virus. It’s still going to have you feeling a certain way so my advice to everybody is to avoid it.”
He said he felt like he needed to get checked out Monday and his results were back by Tuesday morning.
Really, I had a fever and a headache and that’s what I never have. I have sinus infections often, but I never have a fever and a headache so that’s what alarmed me with this being corona time too,” he said. “I do have a shortness of breath. Still to this day, I can feel that a little bit. You know I feel it’s better, but I can still feel it a little bit.”

Although he says the virus hasn’t kept him from getting out of bed, he says by doctor’s orders he has been staying inside.

“That’s about it though. It wasn’t nothing that made me feel like I had to stay in the bed. It wasn’t nothing that made me feel like I was just sick and about to die. It didn’t ever get that serious.” 



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