Rape survivor relieved attacker is behind bars; questions why kit was tested 23 years later


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A woman who has lived with the haunting memories of a 1995 rape for more than two decades says she’s relieved her attacker has been brought to justice. But she’s also questioning why it took investigators 23 years to test her rape kit.

“I’ve just suffered with this for so long,” she told FOX 46. The victim wanted to remain anonymous. 

She shared haunting memories that she says she’s carried for half her life with us. 

“23 years of not knowing where this person was and if he would recognize me again.” 

At 23-years-old this survivor says she was raped and robbed by three men on Nations Ford Rd.

“In a way I kind of do blame myself I just wish I wouldn’t have been there.” 

She said two cars passed her that night, and no one stopped.

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“They had to see them with the guns on me and stuff and they had to know nobody would do that at the entrance of an apartment complex.” 

As the case went cold, the survivor thought they never found the man that attacked her. 

“You don’t know who to trust, you don’t know where you feel safe going.” 

A phone call from police on Wednesday brought her nightmares back to life. 

“They called me out of the blue. I thought it was like a prank call.” 

CMPD says they have arrested Nathaney Davis for his involvement in a sexual assault cold case
 after DNA evidence linked him to the crime.

“To find out 23 years later that they just ran my kit made me feel even worse, like I’m a nobody again, like it didn’t matter what happened to me.” 

But she is a survivor with a success story, knowing the man that attacked her is finally behind bars. 

“It’s a sense of relief knowing I don’t have to constantly worry about him being on the street or if he could do this to someone else.”

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