Ranlo auto business vandalized three days in a row


RANLO, NC (FOX 46) — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trucks, cars, fences and much more the target of vandalism for three straight days here at M&M Diesel Repair and Towing in Ranlo. 

“I’m angry, sad and I’m frustrated because I don’t know how I am going to come out of this situation,” said owner, Michelle Munoz.

Munoz fighting back tears Wednesday morning after her security cameras caught the people she believes are joy riding and damaging things on her property.

“They know they are on camera. We have a picture of them. We have their faces it’s three males,” she said. 

The suspects so bold — doing all the trespassing and vandalism in broad daylight. 

And in the latest crime on Tuesday, 20 minutes after police left,  the suspects were back on site this time hitting Michelle’s car with fire extinguishers. 

All of this damage setting them back thousands of dollars.

“Now we have to fix any damage. We have to get all new keys. Plus fix all the windshields of ten plus trucks. It’s going to run me more $15,000 to fix all that,” she said. 

With the suspects still on the loose, Michelle is hoping to quickly get results so she can get back to business.

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