Protected bike lanes being tested in Uptown


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — As a part of ‘Biketoberfest’ this year, a two mile protected bike lane is being featured in Uptown to separate cars from those on their bike. 

The demonstration project running through October 29 will be used by c-dot to determine the best spot to place such lanes in the Uptown area, and it’s not just the safety reasons people are excited about.

“It helps to promote more exercise and better lifestyles,” one rider said. 

“It would increase the volume of people willing to use their bikes for alternative means to commute to work,” said another cyclist. 

There’s no timetable of when such protected lanes would be built, but organizers say the more people that sound off about the demo project the greater their chances will be for quicker solution.

The protected bike lane demonstration will stretch nearly two miles from Irwin Creek Greenway to Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

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