Prosecutor: Gaston County man poisoned sick wife using eyedrops


GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — It sounds like something straight out of a movie: In court Friday, a Gaston County prosecutor said a man who was supposed to be caring for his wife with heart issues but instead, was slowly poisoning her. 
The news was enough to make jaws drop. Investigators say Joshua Hunsucker poisoned his wife using eye drops. Authorities didn’t know about it until more than a year after her death.    

As Hunsucker walked in to the Gaston County courtroom, few people thought this is where he would end up, accused of killing the wife he said on social media that he loved, cared for, and thought of every day.

But prosecutors say blood that was left over after organ donation yielded something disturbing.

“It tested high levels of tetrahydrozaline. It’s an ingredient in eye drops,” the prosecutor said. 

The story of what happened goes back to last year. Hunsucker’s wife Stacy had a history of heart issues and had died.

No one really knew why at the time, but many believed it was due to her health, but in the hearing this afternoon with the North Carolina Department of Insurance prosecutor she didn’t die because of that.

“We believe, through the interrogation of the defendant that occurred yesterday, that he was the one that poisoned Hunsucker with Visine or a similar product,” said the prosecutor, 

Neighbors living nearby knew something was up last night. They told FOX 46 about how police surrounded the house where Hunsucker lived and put crime scene tape up, but they didn’t know why until today. 

“The time that it happened, they said she had a heart attack,” said neighbor Donald Huffstetler. “This is a shock; I can’t believe it really happened.” 

Hunsucker’s own Facebook page has frequent mentions and pictures of his wife along with frequent discussions about grief, loss, and how much he misses her.

His lawyer said the case would be ‘strenuously opposed’, but a friend of Stacy’s, who spoke with FOX 46, says the case that was laid out by investigators throws all of that into question.

“It’s sickening, and I really feel bad for their children,” friend Kelly Krueger said. 

The judge set Hunsucker’s bond at a staggering $1.5 million. He has another court date set for next month.

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