Proposed legislation could wipe out I-77 toll lane project


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — A bill introduced in the North Carolina House would make the current I-77 toll lane project null and void.

This week, nearly twenty representatives sponsored House Bill 266, the latest attempt in the drive against the tolls.

Lawmakers have tried several times to terminate the I-77 toll lane contract. Michell Ferlauto, a vocal leader against the toll lane project, says last year the house actually passed similar legislation– House Bill 954, but it later died in the senate.

“Hundreds of thousands of people emailed last time this particular bill had the chance to go before the senate and it was shut down,” Ferlauto said.

Charlotte City councilwoman Vi Lyles voted in favor of widening I-77 as a member of the Regional Transportation Planning Board, not the tolls.

“The vote of the city council was to continue to widen I-77,” she said. “The State Department of Transportation decided how to do it. We’ve never been able to impact whether or no it was a toll road. We had to decide whether or not we needed the widening.”

Right now the bill is just in its beginning stage. Ferlauto says she will be in Raleigh on Monday to lobby for the proposed legislation.

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