Proposed bill would allow retired teachers to be rehired while keeping benefits


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A possible solution for the teacher shortage in North Carolina is in sight thanks to a new bill proposed by state lawmakers. 

The bill would allow retired teachers to be rehired into high need schools and earn a similar salary to entry level teachers without jeopardizing retirement benefits.

“This will be something great for kids,” Sheila Walker says. “Getting teachers in there and retaining teachers is a big thing and that would be great because now you have teachers that have taught and have that experience.” 

Walker was a CMS teacher for more than three decades. She most recently taught at Reedy Creek Elementary and just completed her first year of retirement.

“When teachers come in now to sub for teachers going out, retired teachers could only sub for two to three days. Now this can give the kids consistency.” 

The bill is close to final passage at the general assembly and although Walker is enjoying her retirement, she says her love for children has her seriously thinking about making a return to the classroom if the bill passes. 

“It is something that I would look at and really consider knowing that I would go in and wouldn’t be pulled out as quickly, and I could do a whole week, six months or even a whole year at one school. It’s something I would look at,” Walker said

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