Preparing for icy conditions this winter


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The first day of winter is December 21s but Winter Weather Preparedness Week is the first week of December.

Now is the time to prepare for everything winter may throw at us. One important area, traveling during winter weather.

Winter storms can bring cold temperatures, of course, but also rain, snow, and ice. For some, ice is the enemy. Ice can develop many ways. Freezing rain and drizzle freeze on contact with surfaces below 32F.

Surfaces such as grass, leaves, power lines, and even windshields. Freezing drizzle can impact visibility and make it dangerous to drive.

The best thing to do in an active freezing rain situation is to slow down. Also, keep an ice scraper handy for the windshield.

Another major concern during the winter is black ice. Black ice is ice, but as the name suggests, it appears dark on roads and sidewalks.

It can blend in or look like liquid water. Black ice tends to occur after precipitation has occurred and temperatures fall be freezing.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and stay off the roads during most winter weather events.

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