Pothole leaves several cars damaged on I-85


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — FOX 46 is working to get results for drivers along I-85.

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday at least half a dozen cars were damaged on the side on I-85 after a pothole opened up near Brookshire Boulevard. One car was so heavily damaged it has to be towed away, causing a traffic jam. 

FOX 46 took the issue to NCDOT and because of our questions, the department is looking for a permanent solution.

When FOX 46 returned to the area near Brookshire Boulevard Tuesday morning, a patch was in the place and the pothole was gone, but an NCDOT spokesperson says this is not a permanent fix.

NCDOT says they’ve had issues with a pothole in that spot before. A repair was made in that same location earlier this summer. Right now, NCDOT is looking for estimates to make a permanent repair. They say it could take more than a month until the repair is made.

As for the drivers who had flat tires and damaged cars from the pothole, they can file a claim and have NCDOT pay for the damaged.

According to the NCDOT website: “If a vehicle was damaged because of a pothole, NCDOT generally submits the driver’s claim, as well as its own report, to the NC State Attorney General’s Office, which will determine whether NCDOT knew about the pothole and made an effort to repair it within a reasonable length of time.”

A link to the claim form can be found here. An NCDOT spokesperson says it is solely up to the Attorney General’s Office on whether a claim will be accepted or denied.

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