Potential ICE raids impacting CMS students, families


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Some parents say they’re keeping their kids out of school because of concerns they’ll be arrested in immigration raids.

FOX 46 Charlotte was at Tuesday night’s CMS Board meeting where people asked the school system to keep kids safe.

During public comments, several people asked CMS to stand up for students who are terrified to go to school, afraid they or their parents will be deported on the way.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have assured our district leadership that schools and school bus stops are at this point considered to be safe from any immigration law enforcement activity involving our students,” a member with the Board said.

Teachers, community leaders and concerned parents took to the podium expressing concern for undocumented students who are too scared to go to school.

“Across the state my colleagues report rising absenteeism along with impacts on the mental and physical health of our students.”

CMS said they have no ability to control or direct law enforcement. However, they recognize the impact ICE raids are having on students.

“While these actions did not take place on CMS property, they have caused heightened anxiety in the community. These actions have combined with social media rumors to causes real concerns amongst CMS students, families and staff.”

Speakers asked the Board to take several steps including expanding safe zones to areas between homes and schools. Additional counseling, working with families so they understand their rights, and having signed documents directing the school on what to do if a parent is deported.

“When you are targeting individuals in key points, someone going to work, someone going to school, someone going to church, it sends a message and the message is enough to paralyze a community. And that’s what’s happening in our community right now.”

CMS said they will do everything in their power to protect the students. However, some people feel there is no trusting what ICE says they’ll do in regard to school safe zones. 

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