Police work to strengthen relationship with community, offer to carry groceries


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results with cops and neighbors. The officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are reaching out to the community, breaking down barriers, one grocery bag at a time. 

It can be the simplest act of kindness that can make the biggest difference, and go a long way at healing a fractured relationship. 

“I was thanking him for being a policeman and taking good care of us. I know that there’s a lot of opposition out there today and being in their shoes are though but they are always there, and always doing their best for us,” Jan Klauer said. 

CMPD got mixed reactions at first. 

“First they want to know if something’s wrong because they pull up and see ten cars in the parking lot,” Officer Dan Redford said. 

The idea by Officer Redford was hatched from the most genuine instinct – the heart. 

“We noticed two older ladies walking out with a shopping cart full of groceries. He and I looked at each other and just made a non verbal agreement that we were going to help them. So we walked over and helped the ladies load their groceries up…and the whole time we’re talking with them and getting to know them and joking around with them and it was a very productive experience. So we decided that we would put together an actual planned type of event,” Officer Redford explained. 

And the warm gesture seems to be a big hit with shoppers. 

“I’m not used to people helping me with my groceries. It was kind of nice not to have to do it all by myself because I’m usually the only one who comes to the grocery store. I come when my kids are in school so it makes it easier,” Sherry Holden said. 

Officer Redford and Officer Ronald Hill from CMPD will be on Good Day Charlotte during our 8 a.m. hour on Friday. 

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