Police search for driver who ran though fence in south Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A car crashed through a fence in south Charlotte the early morning hours of Christmas day, according to police. 

Surveillance video from the victims’ home shows the car swerving back on the road and driving off. Police say it happened in the Ballantyne meadows neighborhood. The driver is still being sought by investigators.

As far as traffic goes, the neighborhood is one way in and one way out, so there aren’t a lot of random drivers coming through. 

“We don’t get a lot of cut-through traffic,” said one resident. 

While neighbors say they definitely have problems with people speeding, they believe that in this most recent crime, there could have been other contributing factors.

“It’s Christmas, It’s holiday time. People are out probably drinking, having too much fun,” neighbor Ashley Dauenhauer suggested. “It didn’t look intentional. It looked like it could have been someone who just had a few too much to drink.”

Neighbor, Lin Stokes, says he’s frustrated with cars speeding through the neighborhood.

“You give the cars dirty looks but these people they don’t seem to care,” he said, “They’re going full speed over the speed bump and it’s created a lot of concern.”

In this case, however, he thinks there’s more to it.

 “All of the above. Drunk, intoxicated and intentional vandalism,” he said. 

The homeowners did not want to go on camera but tell FOX 46 Charlotte they believe this was reckless driving and purposeful. Their security footage catching a glimpse of the crash, rocking this, mostly, quiet neighborhood.

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