Police investigating burglary at Rock Hill church


ROCK HILL, SC (WJZY) — Rock Hill police are investigating a church burglary that was discovered on Monday.

Officers were called out to Redeeming Life Christian Center around 10:00 a.m. in regards to the burglary.

One of the officers spoke with a church volunteer who told him that a trailer at the back of the property had been broken into, as well as another area of the building where a cash register was smashed and an unknown amount of money was stolen.

Officers found an adolescent’s bike with a broken chain and butter knife in a trailer nearby. The church volunteer believed both of the items seemed out of place and not property of the church.

The officers also found piles of feces on the floor of a computer lab at the church.

Church member Melissa Boyer said, “To me, that was the worst part because I don’t know how you can just come and do that to the House of God.”

The church volunteer said all doors had been locked on Sunday around noon. There was a dance recital but they only had access to the main facility.

The vandals hit a building steeped in history. The mostly African American church is the site of the first integrated school in South Carolina in 1954.

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