Police intercept $100,000 marijuana delivery


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The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest when the Narcotics Investigation Unit intercepted 11 pounds of marijuana in the mail. 

On Tuesday, October 18, the narcotics unit was made aware of a large quantity of marijuana being delivered to a home located in Troutman. The package was sent from California. 

“There’s a high demand in North Carolina for a high grade of marijuana,” said Captain Bill Hamby of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. “We see it a lot coming from California, Colorado, states where it’s legal.” 

Investigators intercepted the package and were then able to obtain a warrant. Inside the package was just over 11 pounds of two types of high grade marijuana which had been vacuumed sealed bags into individual packages and then placed in a duffel bag along with other items inside the box. Captain Hamby tells Fox46 Charlotte he has seen a recent trend in marijuana being sent through the mail. 

“It’s becoming more and more frequent,” said Captain  Hamby. “The way they try to get the weed into us.” 

The estimated street value of this high grade marijuana is in excess of $100,000. The investigation into the source who shipped it and the recipients of the package is still ongoing and the investigation has crossed state lines.

Debra Coller lives in the area and tells Fox46 Charlotte she cannot believe the drugs made it from California to North Carolina without being discovered. 

“That’s a long way for it to go without being detected,” says Coller. “I thought they had dogs or something in post offices you know for drugs and other stuff.”

This case will make a huge impact in the marijuana sales in the Troutman area, according to authorities.

The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest connected to this case, but have yet to release their identity. They are working with an agency in California to track down the sender. 

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